FUSIC Heart and Lung Ultrasound (Cambridge) : A Comprehensive Exploration 16 (online) – 17 (practical) October 2024


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16th October 2024 Online
17th October 2024 Practical

Introducing our inaugural course, FUSIC Heart and Lung Ultrasound: A Comprehensive Exploration. This two-day immersive program is meticulously crafted by our faculty comprising experts with core FUSIC, BSE, and ESC qualifications.

Places available

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FUSIC Heart and Lung Ultrasound: A Comprehensive Exploration.

This two-day immersive program is meticulously crafted by our faculty comprising experts with core FUSIC, BSE, and ESC qualifications.

How is our FUSIC course delivered?

Day one of our FUSIC approved course is a comprehensive exploration of theoretical foundations delivered through online lectures. Topics include physics and machine/image optimization, sonoanatomy, modalities of ultrasound (2-D and M-mode), basic measurements, haemodynamic assessment, clinical scenarios encountered in intensive care, echo report writing, and a detailed walkthrough of the FUSIC process, guiding trainees toward obtaining full core FUSIC qualifications.

On the second day, dive into practical hands-on experience with small-group ultrasound scanning sessions. With a focus on reinforcing theoretical concepts, delegates will engage in supervised practical sessions led by experienced faculty. Each workstation will accommodate limited groups of four delegates or fewer, ensuring personalized guidance and optimal learning experiences.

FUSIC Course Venue

Cambridge Belfry, Back Lane, Great Cambourne, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6BW

FUSIC Course Cost


Meet our FUSIC Course Faculty

Antonio Rubino MD

Antoni Rubino MD
Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist and Intensivist, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I am a Cardiothoracic Anaesthetist and Intensivist at Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. I pursued my medical education graduating from University of Pisa in 2007 where I completed my Anaesthesia and Intensive Care training in 2012.

Since 2012, I’ve been an integral part of the Royal Papworth Hospital, initially starting with a fellowship in Cardiac Anaesthesia and Intensive Care and moving into a consultant role in February 2014.

Throughout my career, I’ve fostered a keen interest in echocardiography and education. I’ve established dedicated teaching sessions in point-of-care ultrasound for ICU and Anaesthesia trainees. Engaging with the cardiology department, I set up a quality assurance system for ultrasounds performed in intensive care, aiming for higher standards in patient care.

As the Course Director for Point of Care Ultrasound since 2017, I’ve organized over 20 courses to date. My commitment to advancing this field led me to become the Focused Transoesophageal Echocardiography (fTOE) Program National Lead and a FUSIC Committee Member since May 2019.

My contributions extend to publications in esteemed journals, exploring topics like comprehensive hemodynamic assessment with ultrasound and the role of lung ultrasound in patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.

Furthermore, I’ve had the honor of presenting internationally on subjects ranging from transesophageal echocardiography in thoracic anesthesia to the impact of intraoperative TEE on outcomes.

My journey continues to be driven by a passion for innovation, education, and delivering high-quality care to my patients. Let’s connect and explore the realms of cardiovascular medicine and intensive care together!

Stefanie Curry
Lead Critical Care Scientist, Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

I am an HCPC registered Clinical Scientist specialising in Critical Care and currently the Lead Critical Care Scientist at Royal Papworth Hospital and an Associate of the National School of Healthcare Science. Working in the Critical Care Area since 2015, I use ultrasound in my daily clinical practice to undertake focused heart and lung scans on critically ill patients and for vascular access scans for all invasive line insertions. As a registered instructor and mentor for the Intensive Care Society, I provide hands on ultrasound teaching for trainees locally in the Critical Care Area and for supervsion and sign-off of logbooks for FUSIC accreditation.

Since 2017 I have been joint Course Director for our Point-of-Care ultrasound courses, delivering over 20 high-quality Heart and Lung Ultrasound courses with Dr Antonio Rubino.  As a faculty member, I also teach on a number of Acute Care, Emergency Medicine and Focused Transesophageal Echocardiography ultrasound courses. Working with the medical education team supporting our local University of Cambridge medical students, I support regular hands on clinical teaching sessions to develop basic ultrasound skills for the junior medical team.

Collaborating with Medical and Scientific colleagues, I have publications and conference presentations exploring the role of ultrasound in patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, ultrasound for the assessment of lung transplant during the donor and post-operative period and for teaching ultrasound guided vascular access to the non-medical clinical team.

Rajeev Madan

Dr Rajeev Madan
Consultant Emergency Medicine, Cambridge University Hospital NHS trust

Dr Rajeev Madan is a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Cambridge University Hospital.  Dr Madan has done MD radiology from India and has expertise in radiology and point of care ultrasound. He is also ultrasound TPD for East of England region.

FUSIC Course timetable

16th October 2024 – Online (FUSIC Heart and Lung Ultrasound)

Day 1 Topic Contents and aims
9.30-9.40 Welcome and course introduction
9.40-10.10 Physics and knobology Machine and image optimisation


Modalities of US (2D, MMode)

10.15-10.45 LV assessment LV walls and segments

Basic measurements

Eyeballing dimension and function

10.45-11.00  Break
11.00-11.30 RV assessment Eyeballing dimension and function

Pathophysiology of RV failure

Fluid vs pressure overload

11.35-12.00 Pericardial, pleural effusion and IVC Differential diagnosis and quantification

Tamponade physiology

IVC collapsibility and distensibility

12.05-12.35 Clinical cases and MCQs
12.40-13.00 FUSIC Heart certification How to register

How to find a trainer


Trigger assessment

13.00-13.45  Break
13.45-14.15 Lung US, artefacts and scanning protocol US Probes and machine settings

A-Lines, B-lines

Aeration score

14.20-14.50 Pleural effusion and pneumothorax Lung sliding, lung pulse, lung


Exudate vs. Transudate

How to quantify a pleural effusion

14.55-15.25 Interstitial syndrome Aeration score

Extra vascular lung water

15.25-15.40 Break
15.40-16.00 The diaphragm
16.05-16.30 Clinical cases and MCQs
16.30-16.45 FUSIC Lung certification
16.45-17.00 Close and plan for tomorrow

17th October 2024 Practical (FUSIC Heart and Lung Ultrasound)

Day 2 Topic Contents and aims
09.00-09.15 Welcome and introduction
09.15-09.30 FUSIC HEART

Scanning protocol DEMO

Machine optimisation & knobology

PLAX, PSAX, Apical 4C, Subcostal and IVC, Lung bases

09.35-11.40 Workshop – Practical scanning 30 minutes per station
11.40-11.50 Debrief and break Q&A
11.50-12.30 Workshop – putting things together 40 minutes one single station

FUSIC Heart protocol

12.30-13.15 Lunch
13.15-13.30 FUSIC LUNG

Scanning protocol DEMO

Machine optimisation & knobology
13.35-15.45 Workshop – Practical scanning 30 minutes per station
15.45-16.00 Debrief and break Q&A
16.00-16.45 Workshop – putting things together 45 minutes one single station

FUSIC Heart and Lung protocols

16.45-17.00 Closure

* Times subject to change


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